Green Burial

Our staff has one purpose….To Serve You


The hallmark of an effective funeral or mortuary is a deep commitment to the people they serve. The staff develops the facilities and services needed to fit the desires of the people in the community. Warren-McElwain Mortuary has a staff has well trained individuals to assist families. We provide a full range of services including pre-need counseling, arranging for different funeral services (such as burial, cremation, entombment, or body donation), and a complete line of granite and bronze markers, including installation.  Meeting the needs of a diverse community is not only a goal, but a destination for us. We want compassion and service to be more than just words.

We are dedicated to providing high quality funeral services to all families that we serve. We are fair and serve all families in the manner we would wish to be served.

The successor firm to over 112 years of funeral service in Douglas County, Warren-McElwain Mortuary continues to serve families with high quality care and personalized funeral service. The two original funeral firms were founded in Eudora (Schubert Funeral Home) in 1904 and Lawrence (Funk Mortuary) in 1909. The businesses were merged together in Lawrence during the early 1950’s by Fred Cooper and William (Bill) Warren. Warren purchased all of Cooper’s interests in 1968. Larry McElwain was employed by Bill Warren in 1968, while studying at the University of Kansas as a night attendant. Following the sudden death of Bill Warren in June 1973, the business was purchased by the McElwain family and operated by Larry McElwain and his father, Keith McElwain beginning in July 1974.

Larry and Keith worked side by side in the business, serving one family at a time, until Keith McElwain’s untimely death in December 1984. Phil Padden, a third generation funeral director, joined the firm in January 1985. Subsequently, he purchased an interest in the firm and co-owned and operated the mortuary with Larry until April 2011. Larry then became the sole owner until October of 2013 when he sold the firm to Jim Larkin who has established his residence here in Lawrence.